It has been awhile since I have blogged, and it is time to change that and share what I have been working on recently.

In this blog series I am going to walk you through how to deploy VMs in Azure using your own customized image using Azure Automation. To get started if you don’t already have an azure subscription you can sign up for one here.  We are going to cover a lot of different technologies/topics in this series so I plan to use this Intro blog post as an index for the series and a mast list of resources. As I find new resources for Azure I plan to update this post.

We will be using the Azure Resource Manager API in all of the blog post unless stated otherwise. (links to post will be updated as I post them)

  • Connecting to Azure with Azure PowerShell Module
  • ARM: Create Storage account with Azure PowerShell Module
  • ARM: Upload resources to Azure Storage
  • ARM: Create Azure Automation Account
  • ARM: IaaS Automation Setup Script
  • ARM: Uploading ARM PowerShell Module to Azure Automation
  • ARM: New-ARMDeployment Runbook
  • ARM: Json Templates
    • ARM Templates – Visual Studio overview
    • ARM Template – Standard Windows VM from Azure gallery
    • ARM Template – Domain Join
    • ARM Template – Custom image
    • ARM Template – Multiple VMs in Single deployment
  • ARM: Uploading ARM Templates to Azure Storage
  • ARM: Preparing VM Image to upload
    • ARM: Prepare RHEL Image for Azure
  • ARM: Upload VHD Images to Azure Storage
  • ARM: Deploy-VM Runbook
  • ARM: Invoke Runbook via Webhooks
  • ARM: Invoke Runbook from Service Manager
  • ARM: Link VM to Azure Automation DSC Configuration

Azure Resources

Azure Blogs

While you’re waiting for the next blog post check out my Azure DSC blogs

  1. Enable Azure Automation DSC Preview
  2. Register Servers to Azure Automation DSC
  3. Azure Automation DSC – Uploading Configurations
  4. Azure Automation DSC – Linking a Node to Node Configuration