In this Blog post I’m going to cover how I created an AD group Connector to update the CMDB with some extended properties for AD groups.

I wanted to be able to publish the description field for AD Groups in the SCSM portal so it is easy for the end users to know what the purpose of the group is, so they can request to be added to the group then the owner of the group can get the approval notification.

to do this I needed to extend the AD Group class with the SCSM Authoring tool. Continue reading


In this blog post I will cover the steps to create a key file to sign a MP for SCSM. You will need an install of Visual Studio. If you don’t have a license for the full version of visual studio you can down an express version Once you have Visual Studio installed you need to open the Developer Command Prompt.

Type “sn –k <Filename.snk>”

Save this key file for future use with the SCSM Authoring tool.