First I would like to mention that if you don’t need connectivity to On Premise data you can sign up for a free Power BI account read more about it here.

Before you can jump into building these reports you will need to configure the Service Level Target (SLT) and Service Level Objectives (SLO) in SCOM here is a good walk through by Kevin Green of how to configure the SLT and SLO.

Part 1 – Setting up the data for our dashboard

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You can download the Data Management Gateway here or when you create your gateway in the Power BI admin center. Version 1.2.5303.1 was release in July 2014 added support for:

· scheduled data refresh for Power Query data connections with the following data sources: File (Excel, CSV, XML, Text and Access), Folder, IBM DB2, My SQL, Sybase, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Sharepoint List, OData Feed, Azure Market Place, Azure HDInsight, Azure Blob Storage and Azure Table StorageContinue reading