Azure Automation DSC–Uploading Configurations

In the past few blog post I have shown you how to get started with Azure Automation DSC, in the first blog post I coved how to Enable Azure Automation Preview and in the second how to Register Servers to Azure Automation DSC.  In this blog post I am going to go over how we can upload a DSC configuration to Azure Automation DSC.

First we will need a Configuration, there are a few public repositories the most popular two are on Github and  Powershellgallery. for my example we are going to use the configuration below.

Configuration WebServer
    node IIS
        WindowsFeature IIS
            Name = 'web-server'
            Ensure = 'Present'

save the above configuration as  webserver.ps1

Upload Configuration to Azure Automation DSC

$myConfig = $MyAutomationAccount | Import-AzureAutomationDscConfiguration -SourcePath 'C:\DSCConfigs\webserver.ps1' -Description "Test WebServer Config" -Published -force
$myConfig = Get-AzureAutomationDSCConfiguration -ResourceGroupName "mms-eus" -AutomationAccountName "MSDNAutomation"

Start Compilation Job

$myCompileJob = $myConfig | Start-AzureAutomationDscCompilationJob

Check Status of Compilation Job

$myCompileJob | Get-AzureAutomationDscCompilationJob


In the next blog post I will show you how to link the configuration to a Node.

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