Power BI – Data Management Gateway Installation

You can download the Data Management Gateway here or when you create your gateway in the Power BI admin center. Version 1.2.5303.1 was release in July 2014 added support for:

· scheduled data refresh for Power Query data connections with the following data sources: File (Excel, CSV, XML, Text and Access), Folder, IBM DB2, My SQL, Sybase, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Sharepoint List, OData Feed, Azure Market Place, Azure HDInsight, Azure Blob Storage and Azure Table Storage

· Enhanced scalability for Data Management Gateway, now supports up to 10 instances

· Fixed timeout issues, now gateways supports data refresh request lasting up to 30 mins.

First we need to configure a gateway in the Power BI admin center.

Once logged into the Power BI admin center, go to the gateways tab click the plus sign to create a new gateway.


Details – provide a name for the gateway and a description


Gateway instances – for this example we will only have 1 instance


Click create

Install and register – here you are provided the download link to the data Management gateway and the gateway key that you will need when configuring the service we just installed.



Note on the final screen of the install wizard, there is a new local security group created. The Data Management Gateway users group is used to control who has admin access to the gateway.

Next we need to configure the service we just installed to the gateway we created in the Power BI admin center.



Select a certificate


In a future blog post I will cover how to create a data source in Power BI.

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