Enum Builder – Version

Last month I published a new version of Enum Builder to the TechNet Gallery. The latest version only addressed a few bugs, the main bug was the accessibility property was being set to Private, this has been corrected and now sets the property to Public. In the previous release I added 2 new features:

1. Command line executable, here is an example of how to use the switches

EnumBuilderCLI.exe –MPID TestMP –MPVersion –MPName TestMP –RootEnumMPID System.WorkItem.Incident.Library –RootEnumMPVersion 7.0.5244.0 –RootEnumKey 31bf3856ad364e35 –CSVFile “C:_ITNew folderIR_Classifications – Copy.csv” –NewMPFile “C:_ITNew folderIR.xml”

2. The gui version now has an option to create negative ordinals


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