Microsoft released the System Center Management Pack for Windows 8 Client Operating System it can be downloaded here.

Feature List

  • Key Processor Performance Indicators
  • Logical and Physical disk Performance and free space
  • Memory utilization
  • Network Health
  • Health monitoring of Key Windows OS Services
  • Comprehensive performance collectors
  • Availability and event reports

This Management Pack is only compatible with Opsmgr 2012

This is just a quick post to use as a reference for when writing powershell scripts for orchestrator. I will update this post in the future with other useful Import-Module powershell snippets as I write them or run across them in my runbooks.

The snippets that don’t say Remote connection next to them you need to have the powershell Cmdlets installed locally on your Orchestrator Server.

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I recently had to rebuild my machine, after getting Windows 8 reinstalled I started installing my System Center Consoles since I was in a hurry to work on a powershell script for a runbook in Orchestrator that connected to ConfigMgr my first two consoles I installed were ConfigMgr and Orchestrator then went on to deploy the Integration packs for Orchestrator. Most of the IPs installed without any issues but the System Center 2012 ConfigMgr and OpsMgr IPs failed to install. The error message in the Deployment Manger was not very helpful. “Fatal error during installation.

Since I wasn’t sure where the log files were on the remote computer or what was the root cause of the issue fired up Process Monitor this quickly lead me to the log directory that can be found at
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