SCCM 2012 Upgrade to SP1

Here is my check list process I used to upgrade SCCM 2012 to SP1.

Useful links to read before my post as I have only covered major topics and have skipped basic things like running windows update before the upgrade.

Here is the official TechNet link for Backup and recovery for ConfigMan

Here is the official TechNet link for planning upgrade to SP1

Here is the official MS KB on how to upgrade to SP1

  1. Ensure site backups are working. Review the smsbkup.log file to ensure you don’t have errors that you have over looked in the past. I personally have not seen the setting for alerts on backup failures work, I have had it set since I setup the maintenance job and found errors upon log review.

    1. You can run a manual backup by opening Configuration Manager Service Manger
      1. Monitoring -> system Status -> Component status -> Start -> Configuration Manager Service Manger -> Componenets -> SMS_SITE_Backup -> query status -> Start
      2. Watch the log file for completion.
    2. To be extra safe I also snapshot my primary server and took a SQL backup of the database
  2. Uninistall Automated Installation Kit (AIK)
  3. Install the Assessment and Deployment Kit
    1. It contains new versions of
      1. WinPE
      2. Deployment tools
      3. User State Migation
    2. Install only the these features

  4. Disable site Maintenance task – Delete Aged Client Operations on primary site server
    1. Administration -> Site Configuration -> Sites -> Site Maintenance

  5. Install WMF 3.0 download
  6. Confirm your version of SQL is supported. here
  7. Start the Upgrade wizard
  8. Prerequisite checker will display different results for every different environment – for my production environment it found the following warnings
    1. I was missing WSUS KBs – Make sure that WSUS KB2734608 and KB2720211 are installed on your primary site server and your remote wsus Server if you have one.
    2. SQL Server minimum RAM configuration was not set to 8 GB
    3. Verify that the built-in collections have not been modified – they will be reset back to default setting so if you have made modifications you should copy the collections or document your changes so you can reset them after the upgrade.
  9. Click begin install
  10. After the upgrade is complete install KB2801987

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