How to Update the Category Field for a Custom Change Request Template

In my change request solution we have created a few new templates for Change Request. Unless I miss something it doesn’t seem that this a GUI interface that allows you to update the Category filed in the template or once the WorkItem is created. We are creating custom views for each different type of change request and since we utilized 3 of the 4 built in templates and just modified them they already had the category populated with the data I wanted to filter on. So I figured this would be a quick runbook to create.

Here is the layout of the runbook

The Monitor Object in the SCSM IP was the most changing part of building this runbook. In my first attempt to configure the monitor I setup the monitor like the image below. I though since the field I wanted to watch for was Null this would work. I was wrong, I ended up with this error

“Cannot find ManagementPackEnumeration [null].”

Now I will show how to build the Runbook correctly so it works

Since I only need this rule to run when the Change request is created I have only checked the Trigger on New

On the Link between the monitor object and Get object

The “matches pattern ^$ ” will catch the null value in the category

The value is SC Object from Monitored Object


This method should be able to be used to update any null value enumeration vale with a monitor

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