How to Monitor SCOM Services with Orchestrator

In my lab I have an issue where SQL doesn’t always start when my VM is rebooted this causes the SCOM services not to start up as well, in our production environment we every once in a while will have something happen that causes SQL to fail. So I created some runbooks that will monitor SQL and the SCOM services. If you are running more than one SCOM management server or running a SQL cluster you will need to create these runbooks for each server.

Monitor SQL Service – Runbook

Monitor SCOM Data Access Service – Runbook

Monitor SCOM Management Configuration – Runbook

Monitor SCOM Management Service – Runbook

You will need to set a user account in the security tab with an account that has admin rights to the Servers.

I tried to set the computer name via a variable and computer group but I was unable to get it to connect, not sure if I was doing something wrong but I since I was working on another project I was just going for something quick and simple. My plan with these runbooks when they go to production to add an email notification so the admins know that SCOM is down and to create a ticket in SCSM for tracking.

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