SCSM AD Group Connector

In this Blog post I’m going to cover how I created an AD group Connector to update the CMDB with some extended properties for AD groups.

I wanted to be able to publish the description field for AD Groups in the SCSM portal so it is easy for the end users to know what the purpose of the group is, so they can request to be added to the group then the owner of the group can get the approval notification.

to do this I needed to extend the AD Group class with the SCSM Authoring tool. (I’m not going to cover this process in the post there is plenty of other blog post that cover the basics of the this process) since this was the first attempt to make a connector I started with just adding Description and Group Scope.

The real meat of the Blog post is the Orchestrator Runbook that does the real work.

this is a fairly simple runbook and can be duplicated to update other CI properties as needed.

you will need a monitor date/time , Get Group from the AD IP, Get Object and update object from the SCSM IP


1. Monitor Date/Time

I set this to run every 1 day and 5 mins and trigger immediately


2. Get AD Group

just set the connection name, no filters to get all of the Groups (if you wanted to setup a filter to limit the number of groups returned)


3. Get SCSM Object

Set the Class as AD Group

Add a filter for DN = DN


4. Update SCSM Object

set the class as the class you saved your extended properties

Object GUID set to the SC Object GUID from the Get AD Group


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