Orchestrator 2012 SP1 Install

I just completed upgrading my lab install of Orchestrator and wanted to blog a few minor notes. This blog post just covers the high level steps.

If you have all of the System Center 2012 products installed this is the first system center product to upgrade to SP1 if you are following the Sequencing guide provided by Microsoft.

Most important steps of the upgrade are to make sure you have a backup of the database, if you are running Orchestator in a VM I would recommend a snapshot also if this is a production environment.

You need to stop all runbooks before the upgrade. This is the blog post I found when I setup up this workflow.

Uninstall all Orchestrator components: web service,Management Server and Runbook Designer.

Install Orchestrator SP1 make sure to use the same service account, and select the same group for admin group and unselect the check box if you don’t want the admin group to connect to the server remotely. Make sure you select to use the existing Database on your SQL Server the default setting is to create a new database (you most likely will get an error that the database name already exist on the Server unless you renamed your database)

Once the install is complete you need to start all of the runbooks that were stopped before the upgrade. If you have SharePoint (I don’t have this currently in my lab so I will be starting them all manually) you can follow this blog post to automate the starting of all the runbooks.

Depending on how you plan to do the rest of the System center Products depends on when you should upgrade the Integration packs. if you will be upgrading 1 product at a time you need to upgrade the IP once the upgrade is done. (you want to stop any related monitor runbooks while you are upgrading the other system center components).

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